Dome Sound offers engineering, production and mastering of bands and solo artists of all genres.
We can also Edit, Mix, and Master tracks you have recorded yourself.

We also have musicians that can create songs of Rap/Hiphop beats that are all original.

Material can be worked on in every stage-from conception/pre-production all the way to mixdown and editing/sequencing, and mastering.

There is an extensive midi arsenal at your disposal at all times capable of creating any "sound" one can conceive of. Our live rooms can tackle all your needs for instrument and vocal recording, and everything is recorded through our pristine tube gear or english analog preamps and eq for optimal sound quality.

Rates vary depending on the size and scope of the project so contact us for a quote.


Studio Rental

Our studio is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at hourly, block, and lockout rates.


Engineering Services

The Dome Staff can help you get your tracks exactly the way you want them; we know the rooms and the equipment better than anyone,and our 12 years of Protools experience makes every project obtain professional results.


Tracking & Mixing

The Dome Staff has worked with many different musical styles and we are technically proficient on all types of audio equipment. From live to two-track recordings to multitrack digitalrecording The Dome excels.


Project Coordination

If you're trying to put a project together- let us help you! We offer "One Stop Shopping" - cut down on the headaches!


Music Production

The Dome has years of experience in producing singers, songwriters, and bands. We help bands and artists define and achieve their artistic vision.



If you're a visitor to the Philadelphia area, we can assist you in getting the most out of your stay here.