Dome Sound has a continuing commitment to cutting edge gear. and we know how to use it.
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Computer & Software

 Custom Built PC (Quad 3.6 ghz, 6 GB ram, SSD Main Drive)

 Custom Built PC (Dual 3.6 ghz, 4 GB ram, SSD Main Drive)

 Macintosh G4 (dual 867) 

Pro Tools - Cubase

Propellorheads Reason

Large collection of plugins and software synths

Various Mastering Software

--At Dome Sound Studios microphones are

plugged into the

Soundcraft board or other micpre's and then go into

ProTools either thru 24bit lightpipe or high quality

converters for extremely High Definition Sound --

Consoles/ Mic Pres

Yamaha 03d

-Avalon 737  -tube micpre and eq

Soundcraft GB4

old school english mic pres and eq

Electronically, the GB4 gains a new Soundcraft mic-preamp and EQ section, both designed by Soundcraft founder and electronics wizard Graham Blyth. “The new GB30 mic pre on the GB4 brings together some of the quality and precision of the mic pre’s we use on our biggest touring desk. “The GB30 EQ, owing its heritage to the work we did on the new MH range, gives a steeper than usual slope on the fixed LF and HF sections, removing unwanted mid-frequency ‘mush’ and delivering a clearer sound.





Pre Amps

+3  Digimax FS 8 channel mic pres

24 totalChannels of input

The DigiMax FS is loaded with new patented JetPLL™ jitter reduction technology ensuring ultra-high converter performance, fast and robust locking through a wide range and variation of frequencies and noise shaping to remove nearly all audio band jitter.

Superior Analog Circuitry - XMAX Class A Preamplifiers
The DigiMax FS starts with eight custom-designed high-voltage, discrete, XMAX Class A microphone preamplifiers.

JetPLL™ is a patented solution for audio band jitter attentuation.

The fundamental problem in audio networks comes as more devices with clocks are added to the system -- there is a beating of the clocks against each other which creates additive audio band jitter. Traditional solutions involve expensive VCXO's and/or sample rate conversion. There is the further complication of low quality clocks in lower cost devices -- as networked products and systems become more common, lower prices for consumer and professional equipment drive manufacturers to use poorer clock solutions. In many cases, the variation from the specified clock frequency is so great that it falls outside the ability of many clocking solutions to cope (e.g. >100ppm variance). In such cases, equipment simply fails to work. This is not acceptable in either pro, CE or prosumer markets.

JetPLL™ provides the same performance as traditional, expensive clocking solutions found in the world's best professional clocking products. JetPLL™ is highly robust and extremely tolerant of wide variations in clock frequencies. As a result, with JetPLL™, equipment just works.


Ensoniq DP 4

Massive Amounts of Plugins


AKG Several

Blue Tube several


Shure Several

Audio Technica Several


industry stand mic collection


Various Electric Guitars

 Bass Guitar

Grand piano

'71 Marshall Stack

Assorted antique amplifiers(danelectro,kustom,plush,etc)

Tube bass amplifiers

Various gtr modeling software

midi drum kit

Software Synths

Alesis Andromeda Analog Synth

M-Audio USB controller kybd

Various Percussion instruments

At Dome Sound

we have equipment at our disposal that has recorded many Gold and Platinum records,

but we also work with rental houses to provide ANY gear a client might request.


If you gotta have it

! ! ! we'll get it ! ! !


Pro Tools - Nuendo

" . . . reality itself is digital and non-linear . . ."


Avalon SP-737 tube micpre/eq/compressor


TC Electronics Gold Channel

stereo micpre/comprssor/24bit digital convertor


Alesis Andromeda A6 True Analog Keyboard






 The Dome Cutting Room from the Balcony